Vitality360 Rehabilitation Programmes

For people with Fatigue and Persistent Pain

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89% improvement in vitality

(client feedback scores)

Are you struggling with constant pain?

Are you debilitated by persistent tiredness and fatigue?

Can you barely think straight?

Have you had to stop doing the things that you used to enjoy?

Then we can help!

We offer practical & realistic rehabilitation programmes which will give you personalised tools to improve your wellbeing and to help you to manage your symptoms.

As a Physician specialising in chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, I have for the last 5 years worked quite closely with Vitality360. I have found them to have an excellent multi-disciplinary team delivering evidence-based treatments.
— Dr Gerald Coakley



Living with fatigue or pain is debilitating and it can wreak havoc in any life.

We believe it is possible for anyone to lead a full life, whatever the limitations, and our programmes support you to do this.

Our expert clinicians find out about your symptoms, lifestyle and medical history and collaborate with you to create a rehabilitation programme.



Gain control of your health with our flexible rehabilitation programmes.

We can enable you to regain your vitality through one of our tailor-made rehabilitation programmes.

You stay at the heart of the programme.

360-degree treatment approach which draws together the expertise of a wide range of specialisms.



Find your balance between rest and activity.

Learn some practical tools for how to sustain wellbeing.

Set achievable vitality targets so you can start doing more of the things you love.

Be supported to get back to work and get the practical help you need.

Be supported to get back to or to stay in education.


Learn more about how we work in this interview with Beverly Knops, Vitality360’s Executive Manager


3 Steps to Getting the Help You Need Today

  1. Book a free 15-minute chat with us today

  2. If what we offer sounds helpful, we will arrange an initial assessment

  3. Start a rehabilitation programme that’s designed specifically for you