Bespoke, Collaborative rehabiliation treatment programmes to Feel Better 

Treatment for those with CFS/M.E, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain

Vitality360 is interested in rehabilitation approaches that get people better and enable them to gain control of their health and lead a life that is as full and active as possible. 

We are interested in therapies that we see produce tangible results in practice, and treatments that genuinely change lives. We ensure our work is always underpinned by a collaborative approach where the person we’re working with is respected as being at the centre of their programme.

The Vitality360 approach to recovery

Our 360-degree expert specialist approach to Feeling Better:

A Supportive Structure

We completely respect what it takes to stick to a planned programme of activity. It will involve close examination of activities, rest and sleep, thinking patterns and diet and it is likely to be a bit of a challenge at times to do things differently. Therefore, we endeavour to listen to the ups and downs, whilst at the same time providing support to keep the programme on track and celebrating achievements as the programme progresses.

Flexibility and stability

Flexibility and Stability

It is usually the case that the conditions we work with fluctuate. A rehabilitation programme therefore needs to work in harmony with the ebb and flow of the condition and to respond to changes in sleep, personal circumstances and symptoms, whilst ensuring a structured and stable routine where possible.

We focus on treatments that have proven effectiveness and have a strong commitment to the evidence base.

Our recommendations are based on the latest guidance and research. Many of our team have been involved in major research trials, have led or contributed to several academic publications, and contribute frequently to therapy events, seminars and publications. 

Read the evidence that underpins our approach.

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