Living with & managing chronic pain & severe fatigue to Get Stronger

Regain your Vitality despite CFS/M.E, Fibromyalgia or Chronic Pain

Experiencing persistent fatigue or pain is completely debilitating and can wreak havoc in any life.

We are clinical experts in the delivery of Vitality360 rehabilitation programmes for people with fatigue and persistent pain related conditions.  Our team can support people to regain their vitality and to resume a life that’s worth living, whatever the limitations. Our evidence-based, professional approach is focused on the whole person and the 360-degree aspects of their life, and equips people with the necessary knowledge and tools to regain their vitality.

We support people with fatigue (CFS/M.E, Fibromyalgia etc) and Chronic Pain

Experts in the Fatigue and Pain Management field, we aim to support anyone who has fatigue or pain as the overriding symptom in their life regardless of the condition, diagnosis or cause. 

Our Programmes include a Network Session, which can be used for a family member, friend or colleague so they can understand your condition and support you

Management of pain and fatigue

We also work with children with these conditions

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84% improved

(a little better to very much better) on the Clinical Global Impressions Scale



How We Work

We take great care in an initial assessment with one of our Lead Clinicians to collect as much information as we can about your experiences, symptoms, history and lifestyle and to support you to identify what your immediate and longer-term priorities are for regaining your vitality.

We all experience and express our sense of vitality differently. What would it be for you?
To sit in the sunlight by a window for five minutes.
To walk into the garden and watch a sunset.
To play with your children.
To join friends at the pub.
To go for a bike ride.
To swim in the sea.

Whatever it is, our personalised and practical rehabilitation programme will give you the tools which can help you achieve this.

Where We Work

Vitality360 consists of a team of highly trained specialists who can cover most areas of the United Kingdom. We offer treatment sessions remotely via Skype™, FaceTime, Zoom, Google Meet or telephone and have found this to be very effective. It means we can offer our services to those not within easy reach of one of the team, or if mobility or energy is a constraint.

We can also offer home visits, and we have clinic space available, depending on your location.

‘As I live in Northern Ireland, I have had all my consultations using Skype, which has been very successful. It has made the relationship more personal than using the telephone alone.’ Pauline


3 Steps to Getting the Help You Need Today

  1. Book a free 15-minute chat with us today

  2. If what we offer sounds helpful, we will arrange an initial assessment

  3. Start a rehabilitation programme that’s designed specifically for you