Expert help & tools to Stay Well

Treatment for those with CFS/M.E, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain

There is no crystal ball that will predict how much better any one person will get. However, underpinning our work is a sense that things can improve for everyone.

Evidence and experience tell us clearly that people can and do improve with the right support and structure. We have seen many people recover fully after participating in our rehabilitation programmes, and many more lead full and active lives despite their symptoms. Whilst everyone’s circumstances and outcomes are different, we believe that everyone can make changes that make a real and lasting difference to their health.

I was going for a jog this morning, and I was thinking, ‘this wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for Vitality360!’ Thanks so much to you and the team - I wouldn’t have been able to get so well if it wasn’t for you guys!
— Adam

Expressing your Vitality

We work with you to set achievable, specific goals around the balance of various types of activities and resting.

We help you identify how you would like to use your vitality in a way that’s most nourishing for you. For example, you may wish to be able to manage socialising better, to join an evening class or to book an exciting holiday.

Management of Fatigue

Want to stay in work?
Return to work?
Or end your employment well?

We can offer you support with any of these aspects through our expert vocational rehabilitation programmes.

Getting back to work

70% success

70% of those who had a goal of returning to work on our programmes have done so in some capacity

Want to be able to continue with your studies? 

To stay at school or college?
Or to receive guidance to get the support you need to sit exams or complete coursework?

Our experts can assist with this as part of your rehabilitation programme.

Get help to continue your studies

Your ongoing guidance has been the cornerstone in Freya’s recovery. You initially suggested a range of simple, albeit challenging, changes to Freya’s daily routine, and almost immediately we started to see small but significant improvements in Freya’s resilience and overall health. It’s been slow progress, but Freya has gone from barely attending school to being there for over 5 hours every day. She’s infinitely happier and is finally starting to develop some independence from me, just like a normal teenager should - and I can’t imagine how this would have happened without her clinician’s expertise, and her collaborative and supportive approach.
— Becky (mother)

3 Steps to Getting the Help You Need Today

  1. Book a free 15-minute chat with us today

  2. If what we offer sounds helpful, we will arrange an initial assessment

  3. Start a rehabilitation programme that’s designed specifically for you