Top tips for coping with chronic pain

Tips for coping with chronic pain

Give yourself time to come to terms with long-term pain.

In the early months of my illness it was very difficult to accept what was happening to me and very frightening too. A year later I'm more accepting of my condition, but this has been a gradual process and I do still have "down" days when I can't quite believe how changed I am physically.

Pace yourself.

I find that with a bit of forward planning I can now get out and about as I used to rather than being housebound. Plan shorter, but regular trips to keep up the momentum.

Be spontaneous.

If you're having a "good" day grab the opportunity to get out and about, but don't overdo it and pay for it the next day.

Explore online resources for dealing with chronic pain.

Pathway Through Pain is an NHS resource. If not offered in your area email them and ask if you can be referred. It worked for me!

Look after your mental health too.

Chronic pain really affects how you feel, and you may become depressed. Mindfulness, meditation techniques have helped and CBT if you can access it.

Reduce stress in your life wherever possible.

Get out of the house.

Try to get out of the house every day, even if just to sit in the garden or a short walk around the block. Becoming housebound will only make you feel worse.

- Jessica (previous client of Vitality360)

Other sources of support/information:

Katherine Sewell