Case Story - From walking to jogging

 From Walking to Jogging

I began working with Vitality360 about 14 months ago and the improvement I’ve made in that period, especially on the physical side, is significant.  

When I first started doing sessions I could only walk just over 5 minutes in a day before getting an increase in my symptoms.  Now, through diligent support and expertise from Vitality360 (and a lot of determination and motivation along the way!) I’m now out walking 5-6 times a week, jogging once-twice a week, and I alternate between doing a few sessions of Yoga and Free-weights each week.  

I’m even back in paid work, doing something I enjoy and am very passionate about!  

We went at a pace that suited me, so that I never ended up pushing my body beyond its physical limits.  I think the most important thing for me now is that I can physically do more, without the debilitating and demoralising after-effects of payback a few days later!  My cognitive state has improved too, with brain fog and light sensitivity pretty much being a thing of the past now.

There’s still a few steps to go before full recovery is achieved, but I now feel empowered enough to believe I am in control of this illness. The future is feeling exciting again, and the tools I’ve learnt through Vitality360 I’m finding not just useful in recovery, but in life in general too. A huge thank you to Jaclyn and the rest of the team at Vitality360.

I’d recommend them to anyone experiencing a fatigue-related condition.   

- Adam Lomax, London

Rachel Fuller