Vitality 360

Training Day Example


Below is a sample itinerary for one of our training days. This particular course was provided to the Community Therapists Network in October 2012.


Helping Your Patients Manage Fatigue



09:30 Registration
10:00 Objectives and Introduction to Fatigue
10:30 Mystery Objects Exercise: Introducing Key Concepts 
11:00 Tea and Coffee
11:15 Assessment Questions and Management Answers
12:15 Summary of Key Principles and Tools
12:50 Questions and discussion
13:15 Lunch 
14:00 What-else-could-be-going-on-quiz
14:10 Real people: small group discussions
14:55 Real people: big group feedback 
15:25 Handouts and Resources
15:30 Tea/Coffee 
15:45 Open discussion and unanswered questions
16:15 Thank you and evaluation