Vitality 360

Our Approach



When we undertake an assessment, we are looking at the whole person and the complete picture. Health has so many influences, so we look to find where individuals can gain control and make improvements.  From this, we make evidence-based recommendations, pulling in other resources that may be available eg NHS services, government sources of support.


Once we have established that the individual shares the objective of improving their vocational capacity, we can get started with developing our collaborative plan. Our programmes focus on improving health and wellbeing alongside establishing clear vocational goals.

Our approach is proactive and positive, whilst ensuring that progress occurs at the right pace for the individual.

Our programmes address any aspect of health that may be an issue, including:

  • Physical deconditioning:  poor strength, flexibility or lack of fitness
  • Sleep problems: including insomnia, irregular or poor quality sleep
  • Irregular, under or over-activity leading to symptoms
  • Poor symptom control
  • Financial circumstances
  • Social circumstances
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Emotional well-being issues, including fears or avoidance
  • Work
  • Relationships
  • Ergonomics

Vocational Rehabilitation

We recognise that getting back to work involves a range of issues that all need to be addressed, and we work with an individual and their employer to ensure that everyone contributes to the plan and understands the individual’s condition. Our therapists are trained in vocational rehabilitation and keep vocational goals at the centre of our programmes.