Vitality 360

What We Do

Our Assessments and Programmes are delivered by specialist and experienced health care professionals: you could be seen by a specialist physiotherapist, occupational therapist, exercise physiologist, clinical psychologist or a dietitian depending on what you need. We can see you either face-to-face and / or via telephone or via videoconferencing (e.g. Skype, FaceTime) to reduce the need to travel to a clinic.


Vitality360 Assessment          

1.5 hours (1-2 sessions)

This comprehensive and personalised assessment, delivered by a highly experienced specialist, explores your health in its fullest sense. It allows you to get your questions answered, and gives you a clear picture of the way forward. You can then decide whether you’d like to undertake a programme, and can talk to your therapist about options that would work for you.


Vitality360 Programme          

15 sessions (6 – 18 months) includes 1 Network Session*

Designed to give maximum support and guidance as you get stronger, this comprehensive programme allows you to work on goals that are important to you, at a pace that is right for you. Highly individualised and delivered by an experienced professional, your programme will take findings from the Vitality360 Assessment and will allow you to work on a clear and focussed plan. *We also include one Network Session, which we encourage you to use for a family member, friend or colleague so they can understand your condition and support you.


‘Get Stronger’ Programme          

8 sessions (4 – 6 months) includes 1 Network Session*

For people who are doing well already but who would benefit from some extra support, guidance or structure to really maximise their health. We also include one Network Session, as above.


‘Get Started’ Programme          

Assessment + 2 sessions (3-4 weeks)

This taster programme allows people to gain a full assessment, some valuable insights, and a roadmap they can follow. This is ideal for people who might want to ‘give it a try’ or those who have already had therapy and wish to gain from a re-assessment or booster to their current health.

Pay-as-you-go sessions          

1 hour (anytime)

These sessions are available on an ad-hoc basis to anyone who is not on a programme who wishes to discuss something specific or to explore a health issue in more detail.


Dietitian Assessment + Plan          

2 hours (1-4 weeks)

Our dietetic assessment and plan will allow you to maximise your health and energy by addressing your nutritional intake. Usually undertaken over two sessions, this is especially valuable for those with nausea, stomach cramps, irritable bowel syndrome or those who have a restricted diet. It is also valuable for those with questions about allergies, intolerances or supplements or those who have difficulty gaining or losing weight.


Extra sessions          

1 hour

These are for people wishing to extend their programme but who do not need another programme. The cost of their session depends upon which programme they were on.


‘Stay Well’ Booster sessions            

1 hour

These sessions are for those who have been through a programme but wish to take some time out to re-explore their health or a particular setback or issue. Costs vary.



Casework services are available for those wishing to produce a report for work, school or university purposes, or for those who would appreciate additional support in communicating with other people or organisations of importance to them. This includes specific support in filling out forms or writing reports to support appeals.


Travel time

We can provide an estimate if you would like us to travel to a meeting or home visit.



Expenses may include rail or car travel to meetings or home visits and are individually costed upon request.


Home Visits

Home visits are 1-2 hours long and the cost will include the session fee plus travel time and expenses. The overall cost will therefore depend on travel time to your home and will be individually costed upon request.


Extra Services

Often, extra services are embedded naturally into your programme. However, sometimes people may benefit from some extra support around key areas, so individually-tailored sessions are available in the following areas:

  • Return to work programme: supporting you to get back into work
  • Study programme: giving you a clear plan to follow at school, college or university
  • School or exam liaison: helping you gain exam concessions or extra support at intense times
  • Workplace meetings or liaison: support to help your workplace understand your health better and what they can do to make things easier
  • Friend + Family Support: giving friends and family time to talk and understand how to help. Some people may also benefit from some individual support of their own


If any these services are required outside of the normal programme structure, they can be individually costed upon request.

To discuss what services would be best for you, we recommend you start with a Vitality360 Assessment. Once the therapist understands your health and circumstances, they can help advise on the programme elements that would work best for you if you would like their opinion.