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Beverly Knops


Beverly Knops

Executive Manager + Specialist Occupational Therapist





Beverly has been qualified for 25 years, and has vast experience in pain and fatigue management and in training others.  She is Executive Manager for Vitality360 and also works part-time in the NHS in Bristol, in both pain management and fatigue management clinics. Her particular specialities are helping to support people with poor sleep, anxiety, complex unremitting pain, rheumatology and those who would like to return to work, using a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approach.



Jessica Bavinton


Jessica Bavinton

Founder Director Vitality360 + Specialist Physiotherapist

BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, MCSP, PVRA, HG (Dip), MBACME 



Jessica is a national therapy leader in the field of CFS/ME, pain and persistent physical symptoms and is respected for her contribution to research, NICE guideline development and teaching in NHS services nationwide. Her patients appreciate her empathetic, structured and empowering approach, whilst companies working with her appreciate her reliability, straight-forwardness and her clinical outcomes. She is a keen ice-cream maker and cyclist, and supports the development of visually impaired tennis in her spare time.


Emily Tims

Fatigue + Chronic Symptoms Specialist

MSc Advanced Physiotherapy, MCSP MMACP



Emily is one of our Specialist Physiotherapists and has over 14 years experience having qualified initially in 2003. She has a Masters Degree in Advanced Physiotherapy Neuromusculoskeletal and has been working within the specialist area of pain and fatigue management since 2010.



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Sue Luscombe

Specialist Dietitian and Nutrition Consultant

RD, Dip Dietietic, MBDA, MBACME




Sue has extensive clinical experience from over 35 years work as a dietitian in the NHS.  She is qualified and accredited to deliver the Low FODMAP diet for IBS gut symptoms, and has won an award for her weight management work. Sue is regarded as a leading authority on nutrition and CFS/ME. She is the Dietetic representative on the Executive Committee of BACME, and an honorary dietetic adviser to two CFS/ME charities.  Sue has spoken widely at conferences, and has led CFS nutrition training and workshops nationwide. Sue is an active member of her local choir and has enjoyed playing her violin in many concert halls across the UK.



Dr Andy Haig-Ferguson

Health Psychologist

DHealthPsych, MSc, BSc, PGDip CBT




Andy has worked as a Health Psychologist in the NHS for 10 years in a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME) service. Andy is specially trained to help people deal with the psychological and emotional aspects of health and illness, and to promote wellbeing and healthier lifestyles. This may involve helping to reduce the impact of stress and/or anxiety in a person’s life, helping to resolve problems with sleep, or assisting in the uptake and maintenance of exercise. Andy uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and mindfulness-based approaches. He also draws on other evidence-based therapies such as Compassion Focussed Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.



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Ruth Cowlishaw

Specialist Occupational Therapist 

BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy, MRCOT, MBACME




Ruth has worked in Occupational Therapy for over 21 years, 18 of those in the NHS. and has spent the last 13 years working in fatigue management. Ruth specialises in analysing activity patterns, encouraging a healthy balance of activities, developing graded return-to-work plans and optimising work-station ergonomics. She is extremely client-centred and passionate about enabling her clients to achieve their goals. Ruth is married with 2 children, and regularly practises the strategies she promotes.



Lucy Clark

Persistent Symptoms Specialist

BSc Hons (Sports Science), MSc Sport and Exercise Sciences (Fitness & Health), PhD (Treatments for long-term fatigue). 


Lucy is a therapy leader in the area of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, both training and supervising therapists in delivering graded exercise programmes to people with long term conditions. She has also undertaken considerable research over the last 18 years investigating both possible cause and treatments for CFS. In her spare time Lucy enjoys spending time with her husband and growing boys, usually doing (or watching) something active, and enjoys running and reading.



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Jaclyn Cook

Exercise Physiologist

BPhEd, PGDipHSc, MHSc (Pain & Pain Management; ongoing), MBASES, MSESNZ (accredited), MBACME



Jaclyn is a highly qualified Exercise Physiologist and specialises in creating and implementing Graded Exercise Therapy programmes. She specialises in rehabilitating patients with CFS/ME, fatigue, pain, persistent or unexplained symptoms, and injury rehabilitation. She uses self-managed exercise based programmes, tailored carefully to the needs of the individual.  Jaclyn plays netball competitively and has a particular passion for food and travelling.


Amanda Mason

Careers Consultant

BA, DipCG pts 1 & 2, DipPA, PG CertEd: Guidance  




Amanda is a qualified Careers Consultant with over twenty years’ experience in supporting people in their work and educational progression in the private, voluntary and statutory sector. She has a person-centred approach focused on encouraging people to find solutions that help them achieve their work goals. She has a particular interest in supporting people living with long-term health conditions to make realistic and positive career choices and to achieve a sustainable work/life balance, through identifying their skills, abilities and sources of support. Working closely with clinicians at the North Bristol Trust CFS/ME clinic as Employment Adviser on Action for ME’s SEE M.E. pilot project, Amanda worked with individuals and their employers to enable access to the labour market and facilitate job retention.






Dr Helen Ayres

Specialist Clinical Psychologist

BA (Hons), DClinPsych, CPsychol





Helen has worked in both primary and secondary adult mental health and health psychology services for the past 15 years, working both in the NHS and in private settings. She currently works as a specialist clinical psychologist in an NHS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME) service. She specialises in working collaboratively with people to help them think about physical and emotional difficulties in a way that makes sense to them and to identify and agree goals that they are motivated to work towards, drawing from a range of techniques including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy, Short-term Psychodynamic therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. In her spare time, Helen enjoys spending time with her family, playing touch rugby, running, singing, and going to the theatre.



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Charlie Adler

Specialist Occupational Therapist 

BHSc(Hons) Occupational Therapy, DipCOT, MRCOT, MBACME



Charlie brings over 20 years experience in fatigue management and vocational rehabilitation, having worked in the field of CFS/ME in NHS settings and in New Zealand in a mental health setting. She currently works part-time for the Dorset CFS/ME Service. Her particular interests are in helping to support people with poor sleep, anxiety and fatigue, and those who would like to return to work. She is also a trained NLP practitioner and a member of the BACME executive committee. She helps facilitate change in individuals, encouraging recovery and believing each person has the resources to succeed. She lives with her husband and three children (as well as a dog, chickens and fish) in rural Dorset, enjoying the outdoors and activities like sailing and skiing.




Christine Parker

Specialist Physiotherapist

Chronic pain management, occupational and vocational rehabilitation

MSc (Pain Management); FHEA, PGCHEPR,       MCSP, SRP



Christine has extensive experience in working with a wide range of people with complex health problems. She adopts a client centred approach and focuses on the individual’s values and skills in order to support them in developing strategies to manage the impact of their health condition and achieve a better quality of life. Christine is also a Senior Lecturer in physiotherapy, persistent pain management and vocational rehabilitation. She loves to play golf with her husband and sons, preferably somewhere warm and sunny.



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Josie Viney

Finance + Administration






Josie is a mother of 2 young children, and balances her keyboard skilfully with her motherhood. Josie takes care of our book-keeping, and provides extra support with invoicing, marketing and generally anything that involves a computer. Josie is supremely organised and grounded, and keeps hold of all of the important details. She and her accountant husband, Damion, provide the financial hub of Vitality360.



DVY photo


Damion Viney






Damion Viney is Director of Crunchers Accountants and sits on Vitality360 Senior Management Team as Financial Officer.  Damion brings his expertise as an accountant combined with advice on business development.  He has many years experience in working with businesses to establish solid financial systems and the fundamental mindsets and skills required to maintain a successful business.  Outside of work Damion is a husband, father, footballer, trombonist, book reviewer and cryptic crossword setter. 



Katherine Sewell

Bussiness Support Manager 

Katherine has recently started working with Vitality360, having previously worked as a Receptionist and Practice Manager at a busy Osteopath clinic.  This was her first job after a thirteen year absence from paid work due to a Chronic fatigue Diagnosis in 2003.  She comes to us to assist us with our business operations having a systematic strategic business mind, is super organised and has a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management.  Having grappled with the challenges of this long-term health condition, Katherine is passionate about doing her bit to ensure that a high quality, holistic, specialist fatigue and pain management rehabilitation service is available to all.  In her spare time, Katherine loves to dance Five Rhythms, meditate and study Buddhism. She can also be found indulging her inner child at acting classes too.







Gabriel Flores

Business Advisor





Gabriel Flores is Director of Flores Leadership and sits on Vitality360 Senior Management Team as Business Advisor. Gabriel brings his expertise as a business consultant and team performance coach to help individuals in the team thrive and the business to grow sustainably. He also provides personalised career and business coaching for professionals to achieve more results with greater ease and enjoyment. He is passionate about people living fulfilled lives and being in flow at work. Outside of work Gabriel is a songwriter, foodie and an avid long distance runner, having completed more than two dozen marathons and several UltraMarathons of 100 miles (160km) or more.