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Investigation beliefs underlying pain-related fear

Pain-related fear is one of the strongest modifiable factors of disability in people experiencing chronic back pain (Turner et al., 2006).

Samantha Bunzli and her colleagues at Curtin University, Australia, recently performed a qualitative study investigating the beliefs which underlie pain-related fear in people with chronic back pain.

The main theme which arose in this study was that the experience of pain did not make sense and multiple factors may lead to a vicious cycle of pain-related fear. Those experiencing pain attempt to make sense of their pain, drawing on some unreliable sources such as their personal experiences, societal beliefs and certainty in their diagnosis. Certainty in diagnosis was often not found. The authors conclusions questioned whether including processes to make sense of pain in treatments may influence fear reduction.

Our Vitality360 therapists all undertake a strong educational component when working with those with pain, to help explain, reassure and demystify the pain response. We agree this makes an important difference.

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