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Inspiring People

Vitality360 is starting quarterly group discussion forums, open to all.

‘Inspiring People’ allows people to hear first-hand about an individual’s journey by dialing in to a call. The person sharing their story will be someone who either was or is affected by chronic fatigue, who has experienced significant changes in their health having worked with Vitality360. The calls are around an hour in length and also provide an opportunity for participants to ask questions and connect with others with similar health issues. The calls are designed so that people have the option to simply call in and listen, without having to speak should they wish. Attendees to the call are welcome to join for the full hour or a shorter portion if preferable.

The first session is planned for Thursday 20th February from 2 – 3pm, the subsequent calls are planned for May, August and November. If you have any questions about ‘Inspiring People’ please get in touch with Sara: