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Know thyself and feel better

Someone I am working with was talking about my recent blog about ‘What Can I do and How?” and told me that this was not her problem. Trying to get motivated to do something, or overcoming a fear was not her experience, but rather the opposite: she didn’t know when to stop, until it was too late. How can she (and many of us in the same boat), learn to read her body’s signals and stop before we over-do things and feel worse? My own feeling is that it comes from that old chestnut “know thyself”. The better we understand ourselves, our habits, our symptoms, and our tendencies, our personality… our physiology and thought patterns, the response of our body… then the better equipped we are to understand what our body is telling us. So here’s my advice to anyone trying to work all of this out: go and explore – observe your activities, your responses – analyse, like scientist would: look at inter-connections, relationships, and speculate on what might be going on – then, when you have a theory, try it out. Do I feel better with exercise? Let’s see! Is it better if I go home a bit sooner rather than say longer? Let’s give it a try – note the results.  With a positive and inquisitive mind you’ll notice things you never realised were there, and in doing so you will gain much more control over your health than you ever thought possible.