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Nick’s Recovery Story

Nick Thomas has recorded an in-depth interview outlining the key aspects to his recovery from CFS/ME and has shared this online via Secrets to Recovery for other people to gain inspiration from his story.

Please click here: Secrets to Recovery to hear story (52mins) 

In this open and frank interview in which he explores many important recovery topics such as restorative rest and relaxation, good nutrition, and a graded approach to exercise, he describes how he went from being a high-flying businessman to being unable to work due to CFS/ME.

During this interview (approx 30mins in to the story) he describes the difference Graded Exercise Therapy made to his recovery, and explains what it was like to undertake the programme. He describes how he started to get hopeful again, and that being able to see incremental and sustained improvements was a “major turning point”. He describes how getting into the swimming pool again was “massively liberating” as was being able to see changes to his strength, fitness and symptoms.

Nick describes himself as fully recovered after being unwell for many years, and has now set up his own business, Pear. Pear works with Organisations and individuals to build their employees’ Performance, Energy and Resilience through Coaching, Training and Consultancy.

Thank you, Nick, for sharing this with us: hearing direct, positive recovery stories is so important and show us not only that it’s possible, but also gives us a roadmap a to what we can do to make it possible.

Anyone wishing to find out more about Graded Exercise Therapy or to book on a programme, contact